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Gothiquesque for The Study | 23 Mb
Intricate medievally-inspired stonework, exquisite multi-colored, semi transparent stained glass windows, hand fired tile and stone floors, a persian Bijar carpet, leather bound books with gold leafing, a glass, copper and brass oil lamp, exquisite medievally inspired upholsteries, the summum of the woodworker's art evidenced by furniture that is both carved and inlaid with a painstaking eye for detail - a room, in short, that is both unashamedly grandiose and a practical background for intimate scenes and fantasy renders - Gothiquesque for The Study.


* 36 (THIRTY SIX) high resolution maps for The Study's elements, of intricate workmanship and suitable for close up renders
* 1 reflection map to lend incredible realism to Gothiquesque for The Study
* 2 transparency maps- one for the stained glass window, and one for the elegant Persian carpet

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