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Pharaoh For M3

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Pharaoh For M3 | 13 Mb
Born to serve his country, from birth he is raised to be a ruler. Under his fathers' strong hands, he is taught tradition -- no matter how barbaric. One day, he will eventually reign all of Egypt... and that day has just come.

Set includes:
5 Egyptian Backgrounds rendered at 800x600 resolution
9 MAT Inj for Head/Body
1 Head Morph Inj
1 All Morph Inj
1 All Morph Rem
1 Genital MAT Inj

* All face MAT options come with either the choice of a goatee or shaved

* Three eye colors - Hazel, Brown and Green

* Body/Head MAT choices are Natural, Gold Hieroglyphics or Black Scorpions

* All Inj's are seperate so you can mix and match adornments.

* 5 Egyptian Environments to render him in

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