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RoBotiX: Onslaught | 11 Mb
RoBotiX are highly advanced warrior robots. Although the first few generations were glorified toasters controlled by their human masters, they have evolved into sophisticated independent entities. You can still find the early versions of RoBotix terra-forming the planets on the outer rim or doing other heavy duty work, including some military duty. But you are most likely to find them fighting each other in the gladiatorial games of the Empire, competing in mega sports games like Ultra-Robot-Wars and Future-Football or warring their way across the universe.

Onslaught is mid-generation RoBotiX and a part of a highly skilled warrior class. These robots have seen countless adventures working both independently and as part of combat teams. The Onslaught series are also especially useful for sole adventurers since they can be used as bodyguards and have a loyalty factor of 8.5/10. They like: humans, robots and mutants, They hate: humans, robots and mutants... It just depends on who the human, robot or mutant is!


* 1 RoBotiX: Onslaught figure
* Textures:
o 1 Default Coloration Material Pose
o 1 All White Material Pose
o 1 Texture Map Material Pose
* 15 Hi-Resolution Diffuse Maps
* 15 Hi-Resolution Bump Maps
* Numbered (by template) material groups and texture maps for quick map application
* Mechanically functional gear driven elbow and knee joints
* Separate Shoulder Guard groups for creating your own unique look
* Savable pose Grasp dials for easily closing the hands and feet
* Savable pose Spread and ThumbGrasp dials for quickly posing the hands
* Tubing that automatically follows the figure appropriately (no need for additional posing)