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Thaelyn | 15 Mb
Thaelyn is a lovely faerie model and our #1 Faerie Dreams banner girl! Thaelyn comes with rich photo-real textures and carefully sculpted face and body. Also included is Thaelyn's braces and a pretty smile morph to show them off.


* 3500 x 3500 photo-real head texture
* 3000 x 3000 photo-real body texture
* Bump maps for body and head
* Custom face morph target, plus additional faerie ears and smile morph targets
* Custom sculpted body morphs- 17 new morph targets altogether for Thaelyn's body
* Braces prop for that winning smile (braces load already parented to figure head)
* MAT files for applying texture and bump maps

Quality work always from the names you trust for beautiful characters.

Poser 4 or above, 512 mb RAM or greater is recommended for high-resolution texture maps.