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BC Tech Tiles

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BC Tech Tiles

BC Tech Tiles | 20 Mb
A lot goes into your work to get everything just right. Now it's time to show off your character! A full blown environment can add a lot of time to those final renders, back drops can block the lights, and don't work with certain camera angles. However, with BC TechTiles you can chose from a number of stands and props to suit your needs and give just the right touch to your figure without stealing the scene.


* 6 BC Tech Tile Props (.PP2 and .OBJ)
o 1 Round Beam
o 1 Big Hex
o 1 Hex Base
o 1 Square Tech
o 1 Tech City
o 1 Round Tech
+ Center Raised
* 7 Color Options (.MT5)
o Red
o Blue
o Dark Grey
o Techno Metal
o Marble
o Steel
o Tech Brass for Studs
* Textures Included:
o 1 Plaque Texture Map (1500x1500)
o 1 Round Beam Texture Map (500x500)
o 2 Square Texture Maps (2000x2000)
o 1 Circle Texture Map (3500x3500)
o 1 Circle BHI Texture Map (1500x1500)
o 3 Hex Texture Maps (2500x2500)
o 1 Metal Texture Map (1677x1152)
o 1 Skin Texture Map (1568x1568)
o 1 Lens Texture Map (500x500)
* P6+ Material Presets (MC6)