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Dragon Princess For Aiko 3

Dragon Princess For Aiko 3 | 20 Mb
Aiko is headed off to fantasy realms riding the new Millennium Dragon 2
The outfit has a lot of details from the interlaced straps to the wing like side skirts. The set also comes with a ribbed cape, and skullcap style helmet, there is also a slicked back tight hairstyle.
For the Dragon there is a Special Kneeling saddle. This set comes with both a more rustic fantasy texture set and a more futuristic sci-fi look. There are mat poses for P4, PP, and P5. (P5 mat poses are designed to utilize the full features of the material room.)


* Drgn_Outfit (.cr2s and .obj)
* Drgn_Cape (.cr2s and .obj)
* Drgn_Helmet(.cr2s and .obj)
* Drgn_Saddle(.cr2s and .obj)
* Drgn_Lance (.pp2s and .obj)
* Skintight Hair(.hr2s and .obj)
* Cape has bodyhandles for additional posing ability
* Included Morphs
o Muscular Full body morph
o Full Figure Full body morph
o Realistic Full body morph
o Stylized Full body morph
o Young Full body morph
o Voluptuous Full body morph
o Posing morphs in cape
o Skirts Out Morphs
o Dragon2 FBMs for Saddle
* 2 texture sets with Fully Detailed Texture maps, including Bump, formatted for P4, PP, and P5
* Special Morph Sync poses designed to circumvent Crosstalk issues in P5.