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Suki Character and Clothing Pack

Suki Character and Clothing Pack | 16 Mb
With this amazingly versatile and expansive package Stephanie Petite become the quintisential sci-fi vixen, Suki. Suki's custom head and body morphs along with her painted textures turn the girl next door into a exotic and shapely woman and her clothing simply screams for adventure. Once click fitting of SP3 clothing to the Suki morph makes this package extra special letting you fit *any* of your Stephanie Petite clothing to this shapely vixen.

Included in this package are 8 conforming clothing pieces, 2 sets of textures for all 8 pieces, textures for Stephanie Petite and a 'fitting room' which allows you to fit any SP3 clothing to the Suki character body shape.


* 8 conforming clothing pieces which fit standard SP3 and can be fitted to the Suki body morph using the included "fitting room" pose
o suki top
o suki pants
o suki boots
o suki over skirt
o suki belt
o suki bracers
o suki blades (L&R)
* 2 sets of textures for the Suki clothing pieces.
o ginger: ginger leathers and tweeds with silver accents
o pepper: polished black leather and brushed chrome with numerous mix and match options
o bonus tartan plaid texture (with safety pin details) for Suki's skirt
o 13 texture maps, 1 reflection map, 1 leather bump map
+ 32 MAT poses for Suki's clothing including P4 and PP version when necessary
* painted head and body textures
o 1 1875 x 2500 body textuure
o 2 3676 x 2500 head textures
o 2 eye textures
o 1 pubic hair trans map
o 1 eyebrow and eyelash trans map
o 1 tooth and gums map
* custom head and body morphs
* Suki fitting room
o the fitting room pose allows you to fit any piece of Stephanie Petite clothing to the Suki body shape with one click (per clothing piece)