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Blackeyes 2.0 [Standalone] for the Millennium People

Blackeyes 2.0 [Standalone] for the Millennium People | 8 Mb

designed for:
-Vicky 1 & 2
-Vicky 3
-Millennium Girls Pre-Teen
-Millennium Girls Pre-Schooler
-Michael 1 & 2

Modelled from the ground up based on real human eye geometry, these high-resolution smart-props replace the Millennium default eyes with the click of a mouse. Their concave irises render far more realistically than the default flat ones, and combined with the outer highlight layer they result in photo-quality renders with dynamic iris shadows and highlights depending on the lighting in the scene. Combine the eye morphs with the wide variety of included textures, all with convenient MAT poses, for an endless variety of looks ranging from photorealistic to anime and horror.

Compatible with Victoria 3 eye maps *

-27 2000x2000 Eye Maps
-56 MAT poses, including 'Show Eyes' and 'Hide Eyes'
-16 Smart-Propped Eyes for Michael 1-2, Vicky 1-3, Mil Preteen/Preschooler (and Mil Boys pack), Nia, Dina, Stephanie; with morphs for pupil dilation, pupil shapes, and iris sizes.