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Turtle 5.0 RC1 for Maya

Turtle 5.0 RC1 for Maya | 13 MB
Much work has been done to improve the Global Illumination system. We have a completely new Final Gather algorithm, which is better at handling discontinuities in both lighting and geometry. The handling of light leak problems has also been improved, for both Final Gather and the Path Tracer.

The baking system has also received a whole lot of love. We now have a unified workflow for Texture/Vertex Baking and Surface Transfer enabling you to combine baking from high res surfaces with ordinary baking and everything can now be done at both the texture and vertex level. A new adaptive sampling scheme has been implemented for anti-aliasing, as well as a specific system for handling very small or thin triangles in texture bakings. For vertex baking there is also a new sampling method which gives smoother and better results.