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Website Layout Maker Ultra Edition v2.4
Make a website easily with powerful layout tool.
Most of html codes based div tag, html codes easy to understand and edit. Minimize uses of specific web browser codes. (Officially, IE6, IE7 and FireFox are tested.) The program provides pre-made themes. (We are continuous appending themes.) Detail options for each div layout. Used CSS style for easy to understand and edit. Powerful border options for div layout.

Powerful shading background options for div layout.

For BeginnerMake your website easily by just dragging and dropping.Provides easy and convenient interface.

Provides various options for each website element.

For ProfessionalProvides uniform for the most common web-browsers.

(IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Opera 9.x and Safari 3.x)The generated website is fully div-tag based.Provides import and export functions to layout and theme.Common FeaturesProvides themes to reference and use them.Provides dynamic website preview.

Provides powerful backgrounds and borders.Provides various detail options.

Download Links:

Download from Depositfiles

Download from Easy-Share