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3 Raven Court

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3 Raven Court
At the end of Raven Court, a side road in small town Massachusetts, sits an old cottage under an even older oak tree. Children riding bikes pedal double-fast to race by this house, and none dare knock on the door for Halloween treats!
3 Raven Court is a spooky scene that includes a house, ground, fence and walkway. This product can be used on its own or combine it with Lisa Botanicals - Raven's Rest to complete the atmosphere and create a perfect setting for your moody renders!

Textures consist of detailed diffusion (texture), bump, displacement and transparency maps. Poser version loads in with maps applied, DAZ Studio version includes DS materials and a full scene file. Optimized for DAZ Studio and Poser.


* 12 objects,
o 1 Full Preload Scene CR2
o 1 Preload Fence cr2
o 1 Gate cr2
o 1 Fence1 cr2
o 1 Fence2 cr2
o 1 Fence3 cr2
o 1 Ground cr2
o 1 House Section1 cr2
o 1 House Section2 cr2
o 1 Pathway1 cr2
o 1 Pathway2 cr2
o 1 DAZ Studio scene file
* Texture Maps Included:
o 21 Texture Maps (2500 x 2500 and 1500x1500)
o 13 Displacement Maps (2500 x 2500 and 1500x1500)
o 19 Bump Maps (2500 x 2500 and 1500x1500)
o 4 Transparency Maps (2500 x 2500 and 1500x1500)
* DAZ Studio material presets (DS)

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