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EmotiGuy | 3 Mb
Tired of the same old emoticons? Now you can make your own 3D smiley for FREE! Meet EmotiGuy, the newest addition to DAZ's star line-up of characters. This expressive little guy exudes cute yellow happiness like nothing else you've ever seen. This base pack gives you the starting blocks to create all new emotes, and well as give your own spin to some old favorites.


* EmotiGuy CR2 & OBJ
* 4 Smart Props
o EmotiGuy Hands
o Nerd Glasses
o Hot Glasses
o Halo
o Tear Drop
* 41 Facial Expressions
* 12 Mimic Compatible Phoneme Morphs
Mimic Configuration File
* 22 Emotes (Poses) Presets
o Default
o Angelic
o Angry
o Baring Teeth
o Confused
o Crying
o Disappointed
o Eye-rolling
o Hot
o I Don't Know
o Nerd
o Open-Mouthed
o Sad
o Sarcastic
o Shh - Don't Tell
o Sick
o Sleepy
o Smile
o Surprised
o Thinking
o Tongue Out
o Wink
* Default EmotiGuy Texture

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