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VisionLab Studio combines compositing tools, CG effects engines and digital color grading to form a powerful post-production toolkit. A full commercial license and enhanced features make this ideal for low-budget professionals.

A wide variety of sources can be composited, from greenscreen video to photos and CGI. Optimized for miniDV and professional HD studios, the keying process is easy and flexible
The sophisticated particle system can create thousands of effects, including weather, smoke, fire and fantasy visuals. Precise control over emitter attributes allows for endless creativity.
Create a unique and cinematic style for your movie using exclusive filters like bleach bypass, day for night and multi-colorize. Grade specific areas within a shot for complete visual freedom.
The world's best muzzle flash generator works for any type of weapon - historical, modern and futuristic. Muzzle flashes can be rotated in 3D, with full control over appearance and behaviour.
Combines the award-winning features of EffectsLab Pro and CompositeLab Pro with the technology of PowerPlug and MuzzlePlug in a single, cohesive interface.
Ideal for both subtle enhancements of your lighting or for epic landscape shots, you can use a preset or create your own using the built-in designer
A precise freehand drawing system makes common tasks such as tidying composites garbage matting, simulating depth, layer interaction and area-specific grading quick and easy.

This freehand tool allows shapes to be drawn directly onto the video, with full control over glow attributes and animation. Perfect for light swords, neon lighting and laser blasts.

An intuitive interface makes visual effects simple to create. VisionLab Studio will open up creative opportunities for your projects and work directly alongside other software such as Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.

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