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Description: 'My first impression was "WOW!" and my second impression was "This is what reference material should look like!" The balance between illustration and text is just right for visual people - 3D artists will love it.'
- Borislav "Bobo" Petrov, Technical Director of Visual Effects at Frantic Films
'This excellent book will inspire anyone to dig a little deeper into this incredible piece of software.'
- Stefan Vittori, Managing Director Tangram 3DS
'The most visually interactive training tool ever for 3ds MAX. It is visually engaging and sets a new standard for understanding complex concepts. Michele Bousquet Rocks!'
- Richard Lapidus, Assistant Professor, 3D Animation, Mechanical Design and Drafting/CAD
'Best tricks of the trade, deliciously illustrated. Michelle reveals the secrets behind the magic of using 3ds Max. Move over David Blaine.'
- Mark Gerhard, 3ds Max Guru
'I was instantly blown away by 'How to cheat in 3ds Max 2009'! Michele has managed to capture many of the 3D industry's leading techniques and processes as well as a lot of advanced content that a lot of the pro's all use. Not only that - but in a very straight forward and easy to follow process that should be every beginners handbook and a very useful resource for even the most advanced users! Thumbs up!'
- Allan McKay, VFX Supervisor
'I found this book to be thoroughly readable and filled with time saving ideas. It's well organized and clearly written. There's lots of information in each section and the abundance of pictures makes it easy to follow. I know this book will soon become a well used and dog-eared reference in my classroom. It's filled with just the type of information my students need every single day. Each topic is covered in a single two-page spread so it's easy to read and quick to put into practice.'
- Pat Gombarcik, Autodesk Certified Instructor
'Finally a book that conveys the fun and fast side of 3ds Max. Bousquet has packed the pages with colorful and quick tutorials that help you master all of 3ds Max's main concepts.'
- Jim Lammers, President, Trinity Animation Inc.
'Here's a book you'll want to keep close to your workstation, with important workflow techniques in an attractive and accessible format. Remember that computer visualization is all fake, so "cheating" is exactly the way to increase your productivity. Good luck and have fun.'
- Ted Boardman, independent 3ds max instructor and author