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Paperback: 256 pages
Data: December 17, 2007
Format: PDF
Description: How to Cheat in Elements 6 is an invaluable resource for all users of Photoshop Elements and shows you how to 'cheat' by sharing insider secrets from clever and cunning Elements gurus, David Asch and series forerunner, Steve Caplin.

Compatible with previous releases of Elements, this is jam packed with dazzling tips and tricks, unearthed secrets, and creative techniques that challenge and inspire.

Work through each section to build up your Photoshop Elements skills, creating everything from basic layer and masking effects right up to advanced manipulation. Or just dip right into a project to learn a new technique:
* turn day into night
* add snow, shadows and water to your scenes
* make fire and smoke
* give your car a respray
...if you can imagine it, we can show you how to do it in Photoshop Elements!

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