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irRemote turns your phone into a universal remote control. irRemote allows to operate audio and video equipment using one device - Symbian operated smartphone with infrared port.

PowerIt's simple and intuitive. Just select the device from the list and control it using your phone's keypad. The database of supported devices is stored online and you can download new codes directly from the irRemote.

WizardYou can extend the list of supported devices by uploading codes for them through an online wizard. Your uploaded codes can be downloaded directly from irRemote and ranked by other irRemote users.

To install follow these instructions :
1. Sign 3.Cr@ck.Unsigned.sis (see Signing help thread if you need help)
2. Install 1.irRemote.Setup.SIGNED.Do.Not.Resign.sis
3. Install 2.DRMCommonSolutions.SIGNED.Do.Not.Resign.sis
4. Finally install the signed 3.Cr@ck.signed.sis file.

If you get an error with file number 2 then reboot your phone and try it again