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Japan, Its architecture, art, and art manufactures by Christopher Dresser
Publisher: Longmans, Green | Number Of Pages: 472 | Publication Date: 1882 | ISBN-10: B000WXVGOO | PDF | 29 Mb

An apology is needed for adding to the number of our books on Japan. We have heard of the ways of the Japanese, of the peculiarities of their manners, of their feasts and festivals, of the food they eat, and of the aspect of the country in which they live.

An architect and ornamentist by profession, and having knowledge of many manufacturing processes, I went to Japan to observe what an ordinary visitor would naturally pass unnoticed. As a specialist, and a specialist only, I submit this volume to public notice. When in Japan I engaged the best native photographer that I could find to take views for me ; thus I got not only architectural edifices, but also architectural details. I also engaged the best ornamentist in Kioto to make coloured drawings of temple decorations for me.

Many will be surprised when I say that as yet the English public know almost nothing, and even our architects very little, of Japanese architecture. Coloured illustrations are needed to give anything like a complete idea of the glories of Buddhistic art ; yet I hope that my book may throw some little light on Japanese building, and do something towards revealing the fact that Japan has had a great architectural history, although I have no chromatic illustrations. Ornament springs from architecture.

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