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Judith Miller: Art Deco (Collector's Guides)
Pages:240 | PDF | Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (October 6, 2005) | 22 Mb

Art deco is one of the more recent design styles but also one of the most influential. Art deco is given a renewed positioning and a massive one-source reference in this collector's guide, authored by a British antiques expert, with the aid of a coauthor. As to be expected, the visuals are superb, providing a magnificent perspective on art deco inspirations for furniture, textiles, glass, ceramics, jewelry, silver- and metalware, sculpture, and posters and graphics. Far more than a list, a photographic gallery, and a narrative, every page yields valuable information, whether it's about an unknown designer, unusual facts to know, and even auction-price estimates. A colorful appreciation of and guidelines to the marriage of art and industry in the 1920s and 1930s.