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M4 Uncle Albert

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M4 Uncle Albert | 25 Mb
He can be a Wizard, a Statesman, a Priest, a King... or just plain old Uncle Albert. Here is a lovely older man for M4. His highly detailed skin bears the lines, wrinkles and marks of age and dignity. Uncle Albert is a highly versatile older man who fills that gap in your runtime. His two sets of face textures enable him to work for male characters aged between 50 and 70 years old. The furrows on his handsome face are bestowed with the gifts of wisdom that only time can bring. His body is lean and slender – still fit but sagging gently and gracefully. Uncle Albert’s skin is newly made entirely from high resolution photographs of a human skin. He comes with the dark brows and interesting chin of the original model, as well as a versatile and older, gray browed face texture with a less distinctive chin. Many of the model’s skin imperfections have been retained for realism. Uncle Albert has a lovely shaven bald head that is precisely duplicated from the photographic subject model, so he can be used bald or with a hair prop. Either use the supplied Uncle Albert morphs, or use these older and wrinkled skin textures to age you favorite character.


* Uncle Albert Character:
o 1 Full INJ/REM Pose
o 1 Head Only INJ/REM Pose
* Uncle Albert Options:
o 1 Grey Browed Face Texture
o Black Browed Face Texture
o Full Body Texture
o 5 Eye Colors
+ Blue
+ Brown
+ Green
+ Grey
+ Hazel
* Textures Included:
o 1 Torso Texture (4000x4000)
o 1 Grey Browed Head Texture (4000x4000)
o 1 Black Browed Head Texture (4000x4000)
o 1 Limbs Texture (4000x4000)
o 1 Limbs Bump and Displacement Map (4000x4000)
o 1 Torso Bump and Displacement Map (4000x4000)
o 1 Head Bump and Displacement Map (4000x4000)
o 5 Eye Textures (1024x1024)
o 1 Eye Bump map (1024x1024)
o 1 Lashes Transparency (1024x1024)
o 1 Mouth Texture (2500x2500)
o 1 Eye Transparency (800x800
o 1 Genital Texture (1500x1500)
o 1 Genital Transparency (1500x1500)
* P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
* DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS)

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