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Portable ABViewer Enterprise | 13 Mb
ABViewer is the quick CAD viewer, converter and CAD editor with subsequent saving as DXF file format. As a multi-purpose application ABViewer has advanced functions for dragging, zooming and centering images, for their marking up, printing, converting and coping to the clipboard for further pasting. ABViewer allows easy and friendly managing the files. ABViewer allows printing of one large image to multiple sheets as "tiles" which can be assembled to a large format sheet afterwards. ABViewer converts all supported files to PDF, BMP, EMF, JPEG, GIF and TIFF formats.


ABViewer is the quick CAD viewer, converter and CAD editor with subsequent saving as DXF file format. DWG (all versions including 2009), DXF, HPGL, SVG, CGM, TIFF, GIF, JPEG and other raster and vector file formats are supported. Printing and glueing large placards (drawings). Smart Rectangle for printing and copying to the Clipboard as BMP and EMF formats or saving to a file as PDF, BMP, EMF, JPEG, GIF and TIFF formats. Batch Mode supported for converting and printing. Thumbnails are supported.

ABViewer gives access to CAD entities, supports redline, measure tools, allows to merge CAD files, contains powerful printing system etc.

* CAD file formats: DWG (all versions including 2009), DXF, HPGL, SVG and CGM are supported.
* Export to HPGL file format.
* Editing CAD file formats and saving as DXF format. Editing vector and raster files and saving to vector and raster file formats.
* Enhanced work with mm / inches when printing and working with measure tools.
* Easy and wide access to the properties of CAD entities.
* More than 30 vector and raster file formats are supported (EMF/WMF, TIFF, JPEG etc).
* Thumbnails. Screenshot
* Powerful printing system (possible creating of large placards (drawings) through breaking a large image into smaller parts, printing them, and subsequent their assembling into a big placard.
* Smart Rectangle tool allows selecting a part of the current drawing with possible subsequent printing or saving it to the file, or inserting it into other documents through copying and pasting. Screenshot
* Batch Convert and Batch Print modes allow converting and printing many files at once. Batch screenshot and Batch Print screenshot
* Redline mode allows creating markups without changing loaded file. Screenshot
* Snap mode allows an exact cursor positioning over basic drawing points. Screenshot
* Mesuring a distance on the drawing. Screenshot
* Measuring a distance with a base size. Screenshot
* Mesuring a polyline length on the drawing. Screenshot
* Mesuring an area on the drawing. Screenshot
* Find Point and Find Text funtions.
* 3D viewing for CAD files. Screenshot
* More than 20 languages supported.

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