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SAVEasPDF for Office

Posted by Loay | 2:36 PM | | 0 comments »

This is the Save As PDF Add-In for Microsoft Office Products!
GREAT FIND HERE! This allows you to Save As PDF any doFP.infoent, spreadsheet or Image from right within the Microsoft Office Products......NINE OF THEM.......Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint,Access, One Note, More!!!
After installing this .......one of your Save AS options in these Microsoft Office Products becomes SAVE AS PDF File. (see photo)
Now any spreadsheet, doFP.infoent, note, images, etc, may be saved and sent as PDF DoFP.infoent.
Microsoft Offers this free for MS Office 93-2003 but not for Office 2007 or Vista. This little baby does it for you and it's the real thing, not some made one by another company.
Even the free one from Microsoft forces you to use their Genuine Advantage and you can't use software that is pirated. This takes care of that too!!
Just install it and enjoy!