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Tessel CADRaster Pro 9.1 for Autocad | 9 Mb
CADRaster provides tools for productive utilization of scanned drawings and other raster images in AutoCAD and FelixCAD. It enables these programs to display monochrome, gray-scale and color raster images. The scanned drawings and pictures are shown on the AutoCAD/FelixCAD screen together with vector drawings (DWG/FLX) and processed using tools integrated with CAD application's commands. Raster and vector data coexist in the AutoCAD/FelixCAD session and are well defined in the same coordinate system, so that operations like zooming, panning and matching of raster images and vector drawings may be done easily and precisely.

CADRaster is an excellent tool to correct any defect introduced by source material or scanning process. After that, you can use scanned images as background to new designs, vectorize image contents or modify image to bring the document up to date.
First CADRaster version working with AutoCAD Rel. 10 was introduced on the market in 1990. CADRaster has been awarded in different countries, the most prestigious award being CADENCE Editor's Choice Award '96 for CADRaster LT.

Compatibility with AutoCAD LT2005, LT2006, LT2007, LT2008, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
Basic operations common for LTX and PRO versions
Features available in the PRO version only
TSL Calibrator
CADRaster LT wins Editor's Choice Award

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