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Villa Venus: BALCONY

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Villa Venus: BALCONY | 8 Mb
Villa Venus, the Balcony, is a set of neoclassically inspired textures for the Mediterranean Balcony. Extreme attention to detail and an integrated look of pale marble,honey travertine and palest golden tile with haut-relief carvings create an elegant setting for ancient and modern times - a villa in ancient Capri or a millionaire's retreat on the California Coast.
The light and airy environments' neutral tones and materials reflect light in magical ways, lending an aura of reality to day scenes, night scenes and fantasy scenes of all sorts, and the easy en suite use of all the elements which comprise the Villa Venus - Balcony, Entrance and Pool - will lend a believable look of rich depth to your artwork.


* 7 high resolution maps for Villa Venus Balcony's elements, made of pale gold terracotta tile, honey travertine, white and grey carrara marble and palest cream marble with haut relief carving throughout.
* 7 bump maps to lend incredible realism to the Villa Venus Balcony's haut-relief carved elements.