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ALGOR Designcheck v23.0 SP2

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ALGOR Designcheck v23.0 SP2

ALGOR Designcheck v23.0 SP2 | 110MB

With ALGOR DesignCheck finite element analysis (FEA) software, you can verify your single part designs with a first-pass engineering analysis to virtually test the behavior of product designs, speed up time to market and make better, safer products at a lower cost.

Available directly from the Alibre Design Professional Tools menu as an Add-on, DesignCheck makes it easy to perform finite element modeling and analysis, evaluate results and prepare professional design reports.

ALGOR DesignCheck includes

* Direct CAD/CAE data exchange with Alibre Design for single parts
* Windows-native data input screens
* Multiple view windows
* Tree view of the model and associated data
* Real-time data checking for reasonable input
* Automatic 3D solid hybrid meshing (bricks on the model surface and tetrahedra inside) with a built-in aspect ratio check
* Intelligent, automatic, feature-based mesh refinement tools and point-and-click definition of areas where a finer mesh is desired
* Right-click application, modification and deletion of surface forces, surface constraints and FEA properties
* Static stress analysis with linear material models
* Analysis results displayed graphically for von Mises stress and deflected shape
* Image output in the BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, PCX and TGA formats
* Animations through AVI creation and display tools
* Automatic generation of professional text or HTML design reports

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Source: www.alibre.com