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Easy Web Animator 1.5.6

Easy Web Animator 1.5.6 | 33 Mb
The minimum amount of required buttons are presented in a simple layout. There are no longer any confusing buttons needed to create your animation. Even a beginner can easily create a Flash movie. It’s easy to create works with rich animation. The list of carefully selected animations provides various useful movements at your fingertips. You can add the animation by simply selecting the one that suits your image. Using an easy-to-use wizard, you can create a digital photo album effortlessly for such memories as your wedding and each step of your kids’ growth. For the users who want to post a Flash movie to their blog, a feature has been added to create certain HTML/XHTML source codes.

You can simply place a Flash video, a common format these days, onto your homepage.
* The Flash videos you can paste are in FLV format.
* Streaming is not supported.