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Gnomon shake 101

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Gnomon shake  101

Designed for the compositing artist new to Shake, this lecture covers the essential capabilities and workflow of the program. Martin discusses the UI (user interface) covering all aspects of its functionality. He focuses on his own production workflow, revealing how to effectively create a professional node-based composite. Topics covered include rotoscoping, color correction, premultiplication issues of a digital image, animation and movement. Learn methodologies and shortcuts that will dramatically improve your efficiency and performance. This DVD is an effective starting point for new users of Shake.

Over 2 hours of lecture.

Product Code: MHL01

Comparing Methods
Viewer Scripts
Understanding Nodes
Expression Links
Using Macros

Color Correction
Using Filters
Using the Curve Editor

01: Introduction
02: Viewer Overview
03: Comparative Methods
04: Flipbooks and Viewer Scripts
05: The Node Space and Compositing
06: Node List Tabs and Tools
07: Curve Editor
08: Timeline
09: Parameters and Globals
10: Pull Down Menus and Functionality

Click here to view a sample clip from this DVD. Note that while this clip is 640x480 the actual movie size is 1024x768 with higher quality compression . View the stills to the right to see the actual resolution.

Martin Hall’s live-action film credits include lighting the model miniatures for Deep Rising, Con Air, Flubber, Armageddon, My Favorite Martian, Bicentennial Man and Mission to Mars. Martin also photographed large-format plates for X-Files and The Practice. Digital compositing and 3D work at Pacific Title include the following credits: The Replacements, Monkeybone, Driven, Dungeons and Dragons, Rollerball, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Bourne Identity, Men in Black 2, Scooby Doo 1 & 2, Cat in the Hat and Garfield. In New Zealand he was a compositor on Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers. He is currently working as an effects supervisor on several commercials for clients such as Mattel, Mazda and Dodge. Martin’s work has also been featured in Cinefex magazine.

Visual Effects Compositing Fundamentals
Shake: Expressions, Scripting and Macros
Shake: Color Correction and Layers
Shake: Effective Keying Techniques
Shake: Tracking and Transforms

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