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Photoshop User How-To Magazine - Jan-Feb/2009

Photoshop User How-To Magazine
132 pages - pdf - jan-feb/2009 - 33 MB

There's no better source for easy and effective Photoshop tips, tricks, and techniques.

National Association of Photoshop Professionals: Every day, we teach creative minds from around the world how to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, photographer or graphic designer, or, motion graphic artist or animator, NAPP is your ultimate Photoshop training, educational and news resource.
Photoshop User How-To Magazine
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24 | Down & Dirty Tricks
Here’s a very unique use of the Lighting Ef ects i lter. Plus, we give you our
interpretation of the Pirates of the Caribbean promotion with the pirates
emerging from the fog.—Scott Kelby, Felix Nelson, and Corey Barker
42 | Photoshop Mastery
Do you think it’s time to don the lens cap when the sun goes down?
Here’s a great reason to think again.—Ben Willmore
48 | From Bert’s Studio
Make just about anything look as though it has stood the test of time
by creating this rusty font ef ect.—Bert Monroy
50 | Graphic Secrets
You see it all the time in modern collages: a face here, a splash of ink
there, some text. Re-create that ef ect, fast!—Lesa Snider King
52 | Photoshop Speed Clinic
Do you have a nondesigner friend who’s dying to help but just doesn’t
know how? Make him a droplet and put him to work!—Matt Kloskowski
56 | Creative Point of View
The ever-expanding power of Camera Raw and Lightroom continue to
improve and redei ne our postproduction workl ow.—Katrin Eismann
58 | Deke Space
After spending an extended amount of time under the hood of Photo-
shop CS4, Deke relays what really caught his attention.—Deke McClelland
60 | Beginners’ Workshop
Patterns aren’t one of the most glamorous features of Photoshop, but
they have important uses (part one in a series on patterns).—Dave Cross
64 | The WOW! Factor
Trying to come up with new ways of displaying your artwork? Here’s how
to do a toss-on-the-table collage.—Jack Davis and Linnea Dayton
66 | Digital Photographer’s Notebook
Printing like a professional usually takes time, ef ort, and experience.
Skip all that stuf and read this instead.—Kevin Ames
68 | Classic Photoshop Ef ects
Take command of clipping masks and clipping groups to add style
and versatility to your designs.—Corey Barker
72 | The Copyright Zone
Model-release myths, you’ve probably heard them all, but next time
you’ll have a proper response.—Ed Greenberg and Jack Reznicki
76 | Beyond Photoshop
Do you like high-dynamic-range imagery, but not the time it takes
to put one together? Then you have to read this.—Scott Onstott
110 | Photoshop Quick Tips
Read about the improved loupe in Bridge; use the Ruler tool to straighten
an image; and use the Spacebar as a shortcut key.—Sherry London
130 | Photoshop Beginners’ Tips
Colin takes the old wedding adage and puts it in Photoshop terms:
read all about something old, something new...—Colin Smith

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