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Delivers focused tools to quickly accomplish everyday audio tasks-even if audio production isn't your specialty

Adobe Soundbooth will give video editors, web designers, or other creative professionals the exact tools they need in order to create and polish audio, add sound effects, customize music, and do much more.

With an innovative user interface that makes short work of everyday tasks, Soundbooth is designed to work well next to Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Flash as well as other creative tools to make your audio flow smoothly with your video and Flash projects.

The Soundbooth beta gives creative professionals the chance to preview the newest audio application that delivers focused tools to quickly accomplish everyday audio tasks--even if audio production isn't your specialty.

Fast and intuitive, Soundbooth makes it easy to remove noise from recordings, polish voiceovers, customize music to fit a production, and much more.

Here are some key features of "Adobe Soundbooth CS4":

Adobe Sound Document (ASND) file format:
· Take advantage of the new Adobe Sound Document format, which packages multiple tracks into an ASND file that can be shared easily with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Flash CS4 Professional, or After Effects CS4 software without modifying the original file.

Looping tools:
· Create loops more easily with automatic beat detection. You can adjust the in and out points by individual beats and adjust the minimum and maximum frequency, as well as the beat detection sensitivity.

Volume keyframing:
· Easily adjust the volume of your dialogue and sound effects tracks, or adjust the volume of your audio over time.

Soundbooth Scores and improved workflow:
· Easily locate and preview royalty-free Soundbooth Scores in Resource Central (Internet connection required). Select a Soundbooth Score and customize it to match your project. Browse downloaded Soundbooth Scores by different genres with the easy-to-use Scores panel.

Speech Search:
· Turn spoken dialogue into text-based, timecode-accurate metadata that makes your video searchable. Search keywords to locate and display what you're looking for — or even cut video based on the script.

MP3 Compression Preview:
· Preview the sound quality of different MP3 compression settings, and view the new file size before committing to specific compression settings to achieve the results you want.

Automatic volume correction:
· Equalize volume with one click, or use new volume-matching functionality to quickly match the volume of multiple clips to one another or to a single reference volume level.

Visual tools for healing sound:
· Use tools like those in Adobe Photoshop software to visually identify, select, and remove unwanted sounds from a revealing spectral display of your waveform.


· 1.4GHz or faster processor for DV; 3.4GHz for HDV; dual 2.8GHz for HD
· 1GB of RAM; 2GB for HDV and HD playback
· 10GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)
· 1,280x900 display with 32-bit video card that supports OpenGL 2.0
· DVD-ROM drive
· QuickTime 7.0 (or latest)
· Microsoft DirectX– or ASIO-compatible sound card
· Broadband Internet connection required for online services
What's New in This Release:

· Multitrack support - Work with multiple audio tracks to combine dialogue, music, and sound effect into a final audio mixdown.

· Adobe Sound Document format - The new ASND file format lets you readjust fades and effects, and restore previous edits with history snapshots. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and Adobe After Effects CS4 import ASND files, tightly integrating those applications with Soundbooth.

· Automatic volume matching - Equalize volume levels within a file with a single click. Or, quickly match the volume of multiple files.

· Volume keyframing - Automatically adjust the volume of dialogue, music, and sound-effects tracks over time.

· mp3 compression preview - Preview sound quality and file size at various bit rates to achieve the results you want.

· Improved integration with other CreativeSuite 4 software - For audio clean-up or enhancement, use the Edit In Adobe Soundbooth command in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, or Adobe After Effects CS4. After your edits are complete, audio files automatically update in Adobe Flash and video projects.

· Adobe Dynamic Link workflows - When Soundbooth is installed with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium, you can dynamically link to Adobe After Effects compositions or Adobe Premiere Pro sequences. Dynamic Link eliminates the need for intermediate rendering. Changes in one application are automatically reflected in the other.

· Looping tool enhancements - Create seamless loops with automatic beat detection and display.

· Additional Soundbooth Scores with improved workflow - Jump start your audio with customizable music and atmospheres. Layer multiple scores in multitrack files.

· Speech Search - Turn spoken dialogue into searchable metadata. Spoken words become keywords that point to specific timecode locations, helping you quickly navigate clips. Embed speech metadata in exported audio and video so search engines that read XMP metadata can index and locate your files.

· Creative Pro Online Services - Connect to the power of the online community. New online services let you search for help, share your screen with colleagues or clients, and more.

Download: (Size: 465,5 MB)
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