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ShootSmarter - Digital Exposure Control (with Will Crockett)

ShootSmarter - Digital Exposure Control (with Will Crockett) | 190 MB
Finally, no more guessing at exposures!

Forget the “Get it close and fix it in Photoshop” workflow, or having to shoot in RAW mode so you can patch the same exposure mistakes time after time.
Take control of your exposures with the facts, proven technique, and the confidence to know you never have to worry about image destruction due to exposure troubles ever again.
Learn how to calibrate you own flashmeters for the 1/10th f-stop accuracy you need for creating premium digital capture files.

Conquer on-camera flash exposure issues once and for all with the confidence to shoot JPEGs all day long.

In this 74 minute DVD, you will learn everything you need to know about how to get - and stay - in control of all aspects of exposure from one of the architects of modern digital workflow and the only person to present exposure control methods that are officially endorsed by numerous professional labs as well as Gossen meters - Will Crockett. (yep, he’s a real live exposure expert!).

You'll see a great demonstration of the famous "Facemask Histogram" technique, up to date info with control for on-camera flash, and learn how to Calibrate your Flashmeter too. Get in control with this terrific shootsmarter DVD.

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