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Power Of Lighting (1 & 2)

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Power Of Lighting (1 & 2)

Description: Power of Lighting, Vol 1 & 2, sorry, i can't access the official site right now, but it is generally about lighting in the studio or outdoor, plz visit http://www.poweroflighting.com/ for more infomation, have fun!

VOLUME I: Lighting Faces

Lighting Faces is a comprehensive look at the
art of lighting people. You'll learn how to use
hard and soft light, and simple techniques for
lighting different skin tones, people with eye
glasses, and balding heads. Discover which type
of lighting instruments will give you the look
you want, how to determine contrast ratios, and
much more!
Program Length: 45 min.

VOLUME II: Lighting Interviews

Lighting Interviews provides detailed
information for lighting a variety of
interviews, ranging from single-camera news and
location set-ups to multi-camera studio
programs. Learn to improve your ENG lighting,
understand HMI (daylight balanced) lighting, and
discover how to make your studio interviews look
their best, regardless of the number of
on-camera talent!
Program Length: 45 min

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Source: http://www.poweroflighting.com/