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Awards of the Second World War,1939-1945

Awards of the Second World War,1939-1945

| Format: PDF (+ OCR) | Pages: 305 |
| Author: Potrashkov S.V.i Livshitz II |
| Publisher: "Eksmo | Year: 2008 |
| Language: Russian | 68.5 MB RAR|

The proposed reader richly illustrated book describes the rewards of all the countries - participants of war,from Albania to Yaponi.
Šttention given to official sponsors of the awards,but examined, and some unofficial signs, as in the context of topics discussed and a number of qualifications and memorable labels.
Each country deals with a separate section,
which provides a brief description of the country in the world
before and during the war, then a description of its orders and medals.
The publication was not strictly faleristicheskim,
but fans Faleristics and military history,
this book will take its rightful place in the library

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