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Modern Exhibition Hall

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Modern Exhibition Hall

Modern Exhibition Hall | 5.5 MB
Quite a large set, this exhibition hall. Your characters will have plenty of room to walk around and visit the exhibitions...

Featuring a dashing architecture with downlevel and upperlevel "floors", it allows quite a large variety of views and perspectives. Also, there are several different lighting and materials to go on with its multi-purpose.

Besides, using an alternate floor (also included) it's easy to "transform" the set into a modern train station, for instance.

39 props for all the set components like floors, walls, large doors, columns, chairs and "info-stations"
21 Light sets ranging from bright lighting to shadowy lighting
19 camera sets
27 materials

.: Product Features :.
# A complete figure, with the ability to make the walls, roof, etc, invisible for easier camera work.
# Props also included as separate objects

# Highly detailed and realistic textures, materials included.

Props including:
# Chairs, tables, sculptures, screens, columns, etc.

Also includes a PZ3 with the entire scene set up ready to render.

The model is UV mapped and textured and scaled to Poser figures.

Download Links:

Download from RapidShare

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