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River Rapids Basic Library

3DS format | 24 Mb
This package contains 13 high resolution, physically accurate models of river rapids and five optional-use river segment elevation planes. Thes are in *.3ds file format. The river rapid models in this Library are selected for their general utility - allowing you to construct a wide range of river scenes with only these few elements, some boulders and some background elements.

River rapids in this Library are of the kind formed by moderate changes in elevation of a river or stream bed, and/or by the flow of water rushing by one boulder, or between two boulders. The models help you to construct realistic scenes of rivers with rapids flowing around boulders or forming as a riverbed drops in height.

River rapids are difficult to construct accurately, partly because they entrain large quantites of air in twisting bodies of water, and thus create unique light reflections and refractions. Because of this, river rapids are difficult to simulate in a scene, even with sophisticated post-processing methods. To accurately portray this feature, each river rapid model in this Library is constructed with a foam component and a plain water component. As a result, each model can be used well even in the tightest close-up view and all appear realistic in almost any lighting and atmospheric condition.

However, the resulting models are as complex and multifaceted as they are in nature. To enable these models to be handled easily for scenes where the rapids are not in close view, or simply to allow you to control a scene's polygon count as much as possible, the foam and the water elements are made as detachable sub-components. Each component, the water piece and the foam piece constitute exactly half the file size, polygon and vertex count of the total river rapid model. Therefore, for middle distance, or overall scene control, you can simply delete either the foam or the water piece, and still retain an entirely realistic rapid.

The package also contains an illustrated User Guide providing catalogue pictures of the models, and that explains their construction and use. Please refer to this document. You may find it useful to to print the portions displaying the catalogue of models, and their pertinent file sizes, polygon and vertex counts.