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PanosFX Vintage Photo Actions for Photoshop

PanosFX Vintage Photo Actions for Photoshop | 15.8 MB
Turning a digital image into a reliable old photo is no longer a time consuming and painful process.
The “Vintage Photo” is literally an image ageing toolkit that contains an array of very realistic automated tools that do the trick in seconds. These actions offer an impressive combination of different borders, edges and stain effects.

The final photos look very realistic and the actions use the latest Photoshop features, thus giving you a great degree of control during and after processing.

* Highly customizable output
* Choose from 3 different borders
* Apply 4 different edge effects
* Apply up to 9 unique stain / erosion actions
* Smart actions that let you apply the same ageing effect more than one times
* Flexible editing: use of layer masks for advanced & precise editing
* Bent photo effect
* B/W adjustment layers (CS4 / CS3) for optimum B/W conversion
* Training video

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