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Quilty the RuntimeRaiser

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Quilty the RuntimeRaiser

Quilty the RuntimeRaiser | 23 Mb
Ever asked yourself, why your Poser installation sometimes behaves kind of weird, strange, creepy?

Product Requirements: Poser 6, 7 or 7Pro , not for DAZStudio

... and I decided to call her "Quilty" - because she's got a face like an quilted blanket, but is as cute as a button.
The dress shown above is a conforming clothing item for V4.x and can be downloaded from my Freebie-Site Alterworldz
The INJ pose doesn't require the V4.x Morph++, but of course the girl will be far more flexible if you inject the DAZ™ morphset for her.

Entirely manually made head sculpt for V4.x
V4.x clothes will fit easily to the geometry.
HiRes (4096² pix) Textures used.