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DAZ 3D Updates DAZ Studio and Provides Prosumer Version

Do you know about what DAZ Studio 3 was released?

DAZ 3D has provided a new free version of its 3D art and animation package, DAZ Studio 3, and also introduced a professional-quality toolset, DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, geared to 3D animators, designers and illustrators.
DAZ 3D provides a library of characters and accessories, as well as developing a range of applications that support its content, including DAZ Studio, a free 3D digital art creation tool, Mimic, a lip-synching application, Carrara, an all-in-one 3D solution, and Bryce, a complete 3D environment and animation package. Having a good understanding of the market, DAZ knows that making the jump to 3D can be a challenging one for 2D artists, and so makes available its DAZ Studio as a stepping stone to the 3D world. The free download consists of a 3D figure posing and animation tool that comes with a selection of scenes and props, including the versatile Victoria figure.

DAZ Studio 3 offers improved OpenGL preview display with new camera and light pointer tools, depth of field and support for version 8.5 of Pixar's RenderMan-compliant 3Delight render engine. This tool is designed to allow users to create unique digital art and animation using their choice of virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories and environments. Users can simply select their subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, set up lighting and immediately begin to create 3D artwork.

Source: http://palgraphicsarea.blogspot.com/search/label/3D