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Finder II

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Finder II

Finder II | 4 Mb
Do you remember where you left your binoculars? Do you know which pose folder items are actually poses? Can you find all the outfits Aiko 4 can wear? It’s not a problem anymore.
Finder II is a DAZ Studio plug-in that adds full content search capabilities to your growing collection of content. If you have more content than the basic package, you need to be able to search the content really, really fast.
Finder II can search your content with blistering speed. It’s easy to use as a fast index to the content, even when you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t know, then Finder II can give you a complete list to choose from, in the blink of an eye.

Once you have the list, just click on any item in the hierarchical results list, and the Content Browser switches to that folder, showing exactly what you’re looking for. You can even perform more complicated searches like case sensitivity and whole words only.

Once you’ve found items you want, you can save the search results to a list of saved searches in easily accessible files. Create as many files as you like. Use a file for each project, and another for common items like hats, hair and poses. Change between files with three mouse clicks. There’s no need to change the way the Content Browser looks or works.


* Very fast searches of very large content repositories.
* Flexible search strings including logical search word boundary and case sensitivity.
* Close integration and synchronization with the Content View.
* Efficient search engine uses indexing for speed.
* Finder II allows you to save your searches easily. The saved searches can be in one or more categories that you choose and can easily rename.
* All these saved searches are stored in a file, and you can easily create any number of these files, each with any number of saved searches to easily categorize your data and speed up your workflow.
* Finder II allows you to search either your content collection, or your saved searches or both.
* With saved search files you can create a file containing the location of content for a specific project, or for your favorite character, or for a commonly used category (e.g. clothing for Victoria 4).
* With saved search files, there's no need to alter the way the content browser displays content.
* You can switch from one saved search file to another in three mouse clicks for fast, easy management of all your search and content data.
* To add to your saved searches, just drag search results from the search list, or drag items from the content browser and drop them on the saved search list. The items will be automatically saved for later use.
* Click on any item in search results or save search lists, and the Content View switches to that folder, showing exactly what you’re looking for.
* You can perform more complicated searches like logical AND and logical OR searches, as well as case sensitivity and ‘whole word only’ options.
* Finder uses an index to perform very fast searches of your very large content repository. When your content grows, just generate a new index. You control when the new index is built.
* Backward compatible with Finder (so users of Finder will not need to rebuild their indexes).
* All Technical Support for this product is handled by the Artist. Please contact GMCC Software for assistance.