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M.A.N.T.I.S. Cyber Suit for V4-A4

M.A.N.T.I.S. Cyber Suit for V4-A4 | 12 Mb
The Sci-Fi collection continues with this new tactical outfit set for Vicky & Aiko 4. Full conforming Armor with textures.
This new outfit comes in a set of 5 conforming parts. Each has been textured carefully to match the style of the outfit. Each part features completely flat mapping with no stretching, providing a great base for you to explore your own texturing ideas. All parts are covered by one single texture template which is included.

The outfit parts are loaded with the following Full Body Morphs:


* Fantasia
* Sylph
* Utopian

Aiko 4:

* A4 Base
* A4 Petite
* A4 Realistic
* A4 Stylized

Morphs ++:

* Amazon
* Body Builder
* Bulk
* Heavy
* Thin
* Voluptuous
* Breasts Diameter
* Breasts Implant
* Breast Large
* Breast Natural
* Breast Size