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Post of a Day: ParticleIllusion v3.0.4.1

ParticleIllusion v3.0.4.1 | 726 MB
This tool will help even beginners can turn editing captured video frames into a Hollywood blockbuster. For professionals the same ParticleIllusion - it does an indispensable tool when you want to create an incredible effect in a short time.Many of the effects in three-dimensional graphics are created by the particles. This spray of water, fire and sparks of Bengal, and fluttering fragment from an exploded car. With the help of particle systems at the same time creates a large number of similar objects, whose behavior can be easily managed. ParticleIllusion also works with the particles, however, in contrast to the professional package for working with 3D, already contains costed algorithms behavior of particles. This explains the performance of the program.
The program Particle Illusion is a large collection - a library of effects or Emitter Libraries, which can be viewed on the site Wondertouch, and the most advanced set of 12 new emitters (emitters) particles only for the visitors in the dock as a bonus. When you select the effect you can change it as desired, adjust the motion of particles, their size and behavior.
At ofsayte can find a utility designed for ligament ParticleIllusion with several popular graphics programs (eg, particleIllusion Exporter for 3ds max - a script that converts the coordinates of objects to import into ParticleIllusion).

Version: - file version (Homepage says that current version is 3.0.4a)

On this CD:
1. Installer particleIllusion
2. Installer particleView 3.2.2
3. Pro Emmiters Library collection
4. All Emitter catalog
5. Video Training

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