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Window Builder Pro v7.4.0 | 5 MB

Get the WindowBuilder Pro package and easily generate Java code for GUIs — using any of these common Java user interface frameworks:

* SWT (the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit)
* RCP (Rich Client Platform)
* Swing (the industry-standard Swing Java graphics framework)
* GWT (the Google Web Toolkit Java user interface framework to create AJAX web apps)


To read about framework-specific features, choose one of the individual products in the box above.
General Features
(shared among all WindowBuilder products)
Expanded Options for Code Generation
Bi-Directional Code Generation
Read & write almost
any style
Block mode (default)
Flat mode
Prefix component creation
Share variables
Control variable declaration
Create event handler
Define default variable names
Create unlimited customized widgets with UI Factories
Make selected widgets fields by default
Make all widgets fields by default
Event handlers as anonymous classes
Event handlers as inner classes
Implement listener interface in parent class
Extend WindowBuilder Pro with Customization API