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Create professional slide shows with the award-winning ProShow Producer. Promote your business, create proofing shows for clients or blow away any audience with the highly advanced audio & visual tools available at your finger tips.

Customize every aspect of your show with precise handling for truly professional results.

Features:Easily Add Photos & VideosSimply drag and drop your photos and videos onto the Slide List to add them to your show.

Each slide can have an unlimited number of layers meaning you can create unique photo montages, add borders to images and more.

You can even edit your video clips directly in ProShow Gold by using the built-in video trimmer. Use a transition to fade into the next slide for a seamless effect.

* Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide

* Drag and drop to easily add content to a show

* Supports 100+ file types including RAW

* Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files

* Built-in video trimmer crops video clips precisely

* Over 280 quality transition effects to choose from Advanced Creative EffectsFlex your creative muscles with integrated features like Keyframing, Masking and Adjustment Layers. Create unique photo montages and special effects in an instant with Slide Styles.

Producer provides you with a palette of creative design tools to create spectacular shows.

* Motion, Effects & Caption Keyframing

* Dedicated Keyframe editor

* Masking capabilities

* Adjustment Layers & Effects

* Slide Styles, 75 built-in Styles Use Slide Styles for Instant EffectsSlide Styles are pre-made effects that you can apply to any slide in your show.

Just drop in your images, add a Slide Style and the rest is done for you. Slick, professional-looking effects in an instant.

Producer comes with 75 must-have Slide Styles.

You can also create, save and re-use your own Styles.

Build up a library of styles or share styles with other ProShow users.

Used along with Keyframing and Masking, Slide Styles give you the power to create hours worth of effects with one mouse click.

* One-click special effects

* 75 built-in Slide Styles

* Create and save your own Styles Promote & Protect Your BusinessProducer's branding, watermarking and copy protection features were designed specifically with the professional's need in mind.

Not only are you able to promote your business better but you can rest assured that your slides shows and original content are protected from unauthorized use, allowing you to showcase your work completely on your terms.

* Watermark slides in your show

* Custom Branding options

* Copyprotect discs

* ICC Color profiles for excellent quality output HD Quality OutputWhether you're creating content to playback on TV, PC or the Web, Producer delivers only the best quality output. Provide your clients with true HD quality slide shows that will keep you and your business competitive in an ever-changing market. Don't waste your pixels on standard definition shows; showcase your images in full HD resolution with Producer's wide array of high-quality output options.* Burn to DVD, CD & Blu-ray

* Built-in YouTube uploader

* Stream shows online with Flash, QuickTime or Presenter

* Output to portable devices like the iPhone, Blackberry & more

* Upload and share your shows online for FREE at photodex.com

Download: (Size: 20,7 MB)