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Forest Gown

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This texture pack also works with the Aiko Morphing Fantasy Dress, Morphing Fantasy Dress for Laura, The Girl Morphing Fantasy Dress and any associated accessory packs (if used).A beautiful romantic gown texture created for both the Morphing Fantasy Dress and the S3 Morphing Fantasy Dress, tied together with textures for the Fantasy Dress Accessory Pack. Textures for the Accessory Pack fit all versions.


* 2 2500x2500 dress textures

* 2 2500x2500 dress trans maps

* 1 3000x3000 skirt texture

* 1 3000x3000 skirt trans map

* 1 2000x2000 collar map

* 1 2000x2000 collar trans map

* 1 2000x2000 collar map

* 1 2000x2000 sleeve map

* 1 2000x2000 sleeve trans map

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