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Skype 3.6 poertable

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Got friends on MySpace? Now you can add MySpaceIM with Skype contacts to your Skype contact list so you’ve got even more people to talk to. Simply search for them in Skype and click the new MySpaceIM tab in the search results. Plus if you have a MySpace account, link it to your Skype account and share your MySpace profile with your friends.

* System requirements
* PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista. (Windows 2000 users require DirectX 9.0 for video calls).
* Internet connection (broadband is best, GPRS is not supported for voice calls, and results may vary on a satellite connection).
* Speakers and microphone – built-in or separate.
* For voice and video calls we recommend a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a webcam.
* For High Quality Video calls you will need a high quality video webcam and software, a dual-core processor computer and a fast broadband connection (384 kbps).
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