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Allied Fleets Hangar

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Allied Fleets Hangar | 18.56 MB
.max & .obj format

Renderosity - 58517
Product Requirements: 3DS MAX 7 or greater (and probably earlier)

This is an easy-to-use 3DS MAX model of an Allied Fleets hangar and the hull area around it. The hangar and the area around it are huge. The outside as well as the inside of the hangar are well guarded from outside attack by a series of turrets. The hangar also has a smaller "sub-hangar" inside of it.

This is a very highly-detailed 3DS MAX mesh accompanied with excellent procedural materials and a fitting glow lens-effect for the forcefields.

The detail levels are easy to manage as each "level" of detail is color-coded and therefore is easy to disable if not needed, and selection sets are provided to easily distinguish between objects that belong to the hangar and those that belong to its surroundings. Since the materials are all procedural, there is no need to worry about keeping track of texture files.

The hangar's scale is defined by railings and walkways along the side, control room structures, as well as the small "crew doors" along the bottom (not to be confused for the larger vehicle doors). Using these, the hangar's size is approximately 44 meters tall, 120 meters wide, and 200 meters deep.

The area around the hanager is huge and can easily be made to look like it's part of a huge ship or base, or be pruned down to fit with a large ship.

There are 629459 faces spread across 669 objects.

A lower-detail version is included in .obj format for compatibility, but this does not maintain the material detail or lighting from the .MAX file

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Source: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=58517