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Bass Fish Expansion Mappak | 7 Mb
The Bass Mappak contains 6 bass textures and a new head morph to change the fish to various type of bass species.


* 2 Head Morphs to change the standard DAZ3d bass to a Large Mouth and Small Mouth.
* 2 Mid Body Morphs to coincide with the head morph for the different type of bass. One for Large Mouth and the other for Small Mouth.
* 1 Fin Transparency Map for various configuration of the bass tail.
* 6 Texture Maps done with reference for accuracy from real world species of Bass:
o Black Bass (Large Mouth -- Micropterus Salmoides)
o Spotted Bass ( Small Mouth -- Micropterus Punctulatus)
o Neosho Bass (Small Mouth -- Micropterus Dolomieui Velox)
o Northern Small Mouth (Micropterus Dolomieui)
o Redeye Bass (Small Mouth -- Micropterus Coosae)
o Green Bass (Large Mouth - Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus)