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Iguana | 14 Mb
Hitting new heights of realism, this lovingly crafted terrestrial iguana comes with photoreal textures for 4 named species and a special �tribute' texture. He poses a dream and makes use of Poser 5 & 6's displacement capabilities to produce a more wrinkly version without pushing the model size too high!


* Highly detailed model with superb posing capabilities
* Easi-Pose enabled Tail and body segments
* IK legs, arms and tail
* Full Body Morphs
o Crop
o Tail Fat
o Belly Fat
o Crest Long
* Head Morphs
o "Igoziller"
o No Rhino
o Head Narrow
o Head Long
o Snout Broad
o Head Ridged
o Head Bulge
o Cheek Horns
o Nasal Horns
o Horn Extend
o Nostril Flare
* 5 texture sets applied with MAT Poses (Standard Poser and P5/P6)
o Andros Island Iguana
o Blue Iguana
o 'Igoziller'
o Rhinoceros Iguana
o Ricords Iguana